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Our Mission

Oceans and Bays

Marinas and Yacht Clubs Situated on Oceans and Salt Water Bays

The mission of CleanMarine.org is simple yet daunting. Simply stated, it is to rally operators of marinas, yacht clubs, boatyards and boaters to join together to voluntarily do their part to protect the marine environment from pollution.

The potential sources of pollution associated with each of these varies.

Marinas and Yacht Clubs situated on oceans and salt water bays have a special role to play in protecting both the water and surrounding areas. To assist these facilities in training both their staff members and boaters in environmentally best management practices, CleanMarine.org has created a detailed Program and Certification Process.

The Program is comprehensive and easy to understand and addresses how to monitor and control potential pollution sources such as:

1) Fuel and oil spills first response
2) Fuel and oil spill cleanup
3) Use and storage of toxic chemicals and paints
4) Types of boat maintenance that can and can not be performed dockside
5) Recovery of dust and debris from boat maintenance
6) Types of hull paints allowed in the marina or yacht club
7) Proper bilge cleanup and pumping methods
8) Fire hazard sources
9) Fish cleaning and waste
10) Trash management and disposal
11) Storm and other facility runoff sources
12) Boater education re: dumping and objects in the water at the docks and on the water.
13) Boater education re: the effect of pollution on salt water ecology

Rivers and Lakes

Marinas and Yacht Clubs Situated on Fresh Water Rivers and Lakes

Marinas and Yacht Clubs situated on fresh water rivers and lakes have all of the same considerations as those on salt water, plus the added responsibility of not discharging pollutants that may harm sources of drinking water.

The ecologies of fresh water and salt water are dramatically different, and the CleanMarine.org Program addresses the potential sources of pollution that are particular to fresh water environments.

Waterfront Facilities


Boatyards have all of the same considerations as marinas and yacht clubs, plus the particular potential damage caused by potential discharges into the water as a byproduct of their work.

The most challenging task for boatyards is controlling and capturing the byproduct of hull cleaning and painting. It is important for boatyards to achieve a zero discharge of these hazardous and toxic materials.

In late 2017, CleanMarine.org added the inclusion of boatyards into our clean facility mission, and anticipates releasing a special Boatyard Program Manual in the second quarter of 2018.