Clean Facility Program Manuals

About the Clean Facility Program Manuals

The Clean Facility Program Manuals and their associated Score Sheets provide a comprehensive guide along with the tools necessary to foster and monitor the certification and recertification of a Clean Waterfront Facility

They contain Best Management Practices for all activities and devices that help prevent or reduce water pollution. Pollution may be carried to the water by storm drains, seeping through the ground, by falling from the air, or by direct spills or dumping. Some BMP examples would be: Good Boat-Keeping Practices, Education, Signs, Notices, Marina Rules and Regulations, Waste Receptacles, Spill Prevention and Rapid Clean-Up plans, exchanged used oil absorbents to name a few.

This Clean Marine Program is an excellent guide to BMPs that can be used throughout Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Boatyards and other waterfront facilities to keep boating waters clean and healthy.